Ħtieġa li l-LSAs u l-Kindergarten Assistants ukoll ikunu stmati


Il-UĦM tirreferi għal ittra li ntbagħtet mill-Union tal-Għalliema (MUT) lill-Ministru tal-Edukazzjoni dwar il-ħtieġa ta’ kundizzjonijiet aħjar għal child care assistants fil-Fondazzjoni għas-Servizzi Edukattivi.


Invitation to Civic Orientation Sessions for Third Country Nationals Living in Malta

Il-UĦM tikkundanna każ ta’ aggressjoni fuq membru tagħha

UHM New logo without textXufier tal-MPT u membru fil-GWU aggredixxa xufier ieħor, li hu membru fil-kumitat tal-UĦM, b’ta’ l-aħħar iġarrab ġrieħi. L-inċident seħħ fil-venda tal-Belt illum wara nofsinhar.


Il-GWU ma tgawdix il-maġġoranza tax-xufiera fil-Malta Public Transport (MPT)



Illum ħareġ biċ-ċar li l-GWU ma tgawdix il-maġġoranza tax-xufiera fil-Malta Public Transport (MPT). Dan ħareġ minn intervista li saret minn Inews lil rappreżentant tal-GWU b’rabta mal-azzjoni industrijali ordnata mill-GWU dalgħodu.


Lill-Ommijiet Kollha


Our redesigned weekly e-magazine


Our work, our achievements, our challenges


The UĦM YESTERDAY morning took time out to mark Labour Day and to bring its members up to date on where it is at, what it has achieved to date and where it is going.


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Most of us believe that we will live a long productive life and that we will be careful that accidents don happen to us. Unfortunately, an accident is something that occurs without warning and at any time and place. Further, it could result in us being incapacitated and not being lucid enough to warn or provide answers to the emergency response team.

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Il-UĦM għadha tgawdi l-maġġoranza fil-Freeport b’602 membri fi ħdanha

Il-Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin (UĦM) għad għandha l-maġġoranza fil-Freeport, tant li minn dokument li kien ippreżentat quddiem it-Tribunal Industrijali llum wara nofsinhar jirriżulta li hemm 602 ħaddiema minn 760 ħaddiem tal-Freeport li huma membri fil-UĦM.


Is-sitwazzjoni f’Panta Lesco

Panta logoIl-UĦM turi solidarjetá mal-ħaddiema tal-kumpaniji Panta Marketing u Panta Contracting li preżentament qed jiffaċċjaw sitwazzjoni diffiċli li tista’ twassal ukoll għal numru ta’ sensji.